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In which Stevie and Josh contemplate the latest Resident Evil Revelations 2 episode and how terrible Barry is as a person.



Yes, Stevie and Josh are back to talk videogames in semi-bite sized chunks. This episode kicks off a series in which they will be discussing Resident Evil Revelations 2 as it comes out. So look out for the second instalment of this show when the next Revelations episode hits. It'll be fun, I swear!


OMG! It's episode 13! You better hide because that means that this episode will make you unlucky for life. Well actually that was a trick because A) Luck doesn't exist you idiots, and B) Stevie is the unlucky one. Being lost anywhere is scary, but in another country is a whole other story. A story which will be told in excruciating detail in this wonderful instalment of nobody's favourite podcast: Chuckle-Bits Radio!

Of course there's also a lot of talk about the China trip in general, as well as Michael's Christmas haul. What did he get? You'll never know unless you listen! So go do it! Or not. I really don't care (that's a lie, I care so, so, so much).


I'm not going to lie, this was a rushed job. Christmas, as lovely as it is, is a period of rushed jobs and last minutes decisions. I'm writing this directly after packing my bag for a six hour coach ride I'm taking tomorrow. I've spent half of today and all of yesterday editing this blasted podcast. I suppose I could have left out all the silly sounds, but honestly, that's the only reason you lot download it in the first place.

Here's some of the stuff we talk about:

  • Dominos Pizza and the delicious pizza they make
  • A news story about a piglet that swam in the sea
  • Mona the Vampire
  • "Tear the Skin Man"
  • The titular Metal Gear Linda fanfiction
  • Hypothetical lesbian porn where the ladies each put one end of a Christmas cracker up their minges

Well I hope you enjoy this two-hour monstrosity. Perhaps you're going on a trip of your own, maybe to visit family, escape family, murder family. If I can bring smile to your face while you're on that big, Christmasy journey, then that's pretty cool.

Stevie also had a special message prepared, but he'd currently being detained by the People's Republic of China for thinking of a vaguely racist, possible anti-Chinese joke he once heard on The Simpsons twelve years ago.


Today on Chuckle-Bits Radio we're joined for the second time by William Westgarth and his enchanting tales of Southeast Asian diarrhea. 
We cover the toilet etiquette of the Vietnamese, Hong Kong T-shirt engrish, and more freestyle rapping than you can shake a poopie pair of pants at. All this and more in the latest, and possibly greatest episode of the award winning Chuckle-Bits Radio podcast!
Also, Stevie Grant goes to Bubblegum Court, including a surprise appearance by the lovely Emma and the even lovelier Stevie's Mum.
Download it now. Please. I've been editing this since 7 A.M. and I want to go to sleep. Do it for me, would you...?Chuckle-Bits Radio: Episode 10 - Brunt, My Favourite Love Predator

In which we bring the finale a day early.

Hope you enjoyed it! We'll be back one day with a Spelunky-less version of this show.


In which tandem bikes are discussed.


In which Josh and Stevie discuss the film Monkey Shines more than anyone else has in the last 20 years. Oh, and they play a videogame.


It's official: things are all tied up. Hurry up and listen before Stevie and Josh record tonight's show!


In which Stevie and Josh do mildly better than last time.


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