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Michael And Stevie are back with #Chuckle-Bits Radio Episode 21!

Those little #scamps reminiscence about all the sorts of #trouble they've been in lately, like the hypothetical time Michael and Stevie had a #pillow fight to the death, the time they introduced organised #religion to the long lost Bingo Bingo Tribe, and the time Stevie Grant watched an overweight man with a #Super Mario-complex on Youtube.

Oh wait, Stevie Grant does that #everyday!

Stevie and Michael also push the chuckles aside for a moment to talk about the #racial injustice faced by fatties every single day. Serious stuff, I'll tell ya that much for #nowt!


Continuing from the last episode, Michael continues to continually bully Stevie for ages (or continuously). And if you think I've just overused the word 'continue', you better wait and hear how we completely evaluate the word 'basically'.

Topics include:

Feminist Trading Cards
A kid turning super saiyan
Stevie being fat by eating lots of maoam
+ our regular rubbish sections

Enjoy the bullying!



Michael Westgarth and Stevie Grant often talk about how terrible the United States of America are -- but what use if their opinion when neither of them have left their own homes in the last decade?

Enter William Westgarth, three-time World Chuckle-Bit Heavyweight Champion of the World. Old Willy McWillyson has just got back from a trip to New York, and guess what?:



Have you ever wondered what Michael and Stevie would be like without any filter? Well wonder no more because they pretty much don't have one in this episode! But pay attention, for just because they try their hardest to be offensive doesn't mean it'll be good. Just edgy and controversial. But it isn't really that, in reality our hosts are pretty much just bullies in this episode. Whoops

Topics include:

  • Moviebob Vs. Tommy Wiseau 
  • A Rather 'Special' Amiibo
  • Grape Jokes
  • Funny Emergency Phonecalls 
  • America and Placenta Eating

Next time Stevie will try and force Michael to be happy. It's worth a shot.



For the first time in Chuckle-Bits Radio history, Michael Westgarth and Stevie Grant actually have things to talk about, so much so that this latest episode of Chuckle-Bits Radio is jam packed full of topics including:

  • Bob Chipman 
  • Neo-nazi furries 
  • Stitcher Radio
  • The UK 2015 general election 
  • Bob Chipman 
  • @ShigZilla's penis 
  • Bob Chipman 
  • And more!

If you're sick of hearing Stevie Grant talk about Bob Chipman, then let him know @thesteviegrant on Twitter. Say hello to Michael Westgarth @MegaWestgarth and check out his blog also titled MegaWestgarth.


Do you like independent videogames? Would you like to hear a writer for some upcoming games talk about his process? Would you also like to hear about how boring Luxembourg is too? Well your greatest dreams are about to come true! No, not the one where you're successful in your terrible life, the one where you listen to a podcast based on the above questions!

Today we are joined by ex cohort and lovely non-Frenchman Sven Wohl. Sven is working on two games at the moment, Ralin: Dwarf Wars and Judith Gyrrn. Both are shaping up to be funky fresh titles, but just how funky fresh? You are about to find out. Hold still.

Yes this is the most we've talked videogames in a long time.

...oh also we talk about Moviebob for some reason. And our stupid regular sections.


In which Stevie and Josh offend everyone within the first 5 minutes. Oh, and the Revelations finale is discussed. Bonus eps next week!


Has it been two weeks already?


Listen to Stevie Grant talk about vagina nightmares, listen to Stevie Grant talk about some boring film he watched, listen to Stevie Grant talk about giant whale poos.
Listen to Michael Westgarth sigh a lot.

In which the third Revelations ep is discussed fashionably late.


We're back! Again! I mean again- again! Whatever, the important news is that Chuckle-Bits Radio Episode 14 is here to tickle you in places you never knew even existed. It's so fun and tickle-worthy in fact that it should be illegal, or as Michael would have you think: Barely legal.

What do those words mean exactly? Well find out as fan @ChloeWolfieGirl joins us to be insulted! Yeah we're not that nice to the people who like us. But we also badger her about her life and do our regular sections too. And yes as always this involves toilet humour. We never change.



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