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The final episode of Chuckle-Bits Radio is here! So what're you waiting for, download that garbage now!

Also, if you want a transcript of this episode's fanfic for easy reading, click on this link right here.

In this final episode we… Well, we basically do what we always do, including News at Ten, Totally Legit Fan Fiction, an extended Mona the Vampire, and much more! I get bored, Stevie nearly chokes to death, and our voices dip in and out of audibility due to the lowest quality recording yet. It's the worst podcast ever!

So thanks to all those who willingly let Stevie and I wriggle down your ear holes over the last few years. It was fun. Sometimes. Most of the time it was a frustrating mess of clashing schedules and a severe lack of enthusiasm. To be honest, I'm glad it's over, and you should be to.

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